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  I feel that as a GBC's customer I need to share couple of things those good to be known to others who contacted with you. The first, what we experienced so quickly is the mutual TRUST. This is very important especially in an international business. We are very appreciated the fairness, the...
17/03/14 - Mózer Alkatrész Kft, Hungary
We are partners with GBC from the beginning. All questions and other matters always have been solved quickly. The deliveries take place as we agreed. The customers service is helpful and correct at all times. 
14/04/14 - Dóra Viszló, Hungary
Trustable, correct partner, to be relied upon. Mainly recommended to whom need a long term and stable supply source!
10/04/14 - György Bereczki, Hungary
I always surprised on your business technic. If I would have that much fund what I haven't, then I would open a University called “Operation of an enterprise” and you would get a separate professorship there! Don't get me wrong, but the way as you leading the business (correctly, quickly, customer'...
17/01/14 - János Klinovics, Hungary
Normally I laud no one. I won't do that as well, only writing about the facts. Our business relationship was beginning at 2006, maybe at the one of the first in Hungary. As in all relationship, there were problems, however we could manage them. My trust is still unbroken, I think, but the least I...
26/01/14 - Dorka Car Kft, Hungary

Ofertă cu ”Preț fix”

Ford Mondeo , 2001

Prețul de vânzare: £550

Honda Civic , 2002

Prețul de vânzare: £254

Autovehicule câștigate

Vehicule căștigate după mandatului de parteneri.
Poate să fie un reper pentru cei care nu sunt în măsură să determine un preț realist atunci când lansați oferta!


Vauxhall Vectra VECTRA

Preț final: £750


Suzuki Swift SWIFT, 2007

Preț final: £625

Vauxhall Astra club, 200

Preț final: £1050

Fiat Stilo 16v active a/c

Preț final: £215

Vauxhall Astra ls 1, 200

Preț final: £225


Ford Transit TRANSIT, 20

Preț final: £425


SEAT Leon LEON, 2003

Preț final: £475

Volkswagen Polo, 2001

Preț final: £275


Ford Mondeo MONDEO, 2005

Preț final: £325


Skoda Octavia OCTAVIA, 2

Preț final: £1250

Renault Clio dynam, 2003

Preț final: £350


Ford Transit TRANSIT, 20

Preț final: £425

Vauxhall Astra sxi, 2002

Preț final: £225


BMW 330 330, 2001

Preț final: £800


Citroen C4, 2005

Preț final: £825


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